Sunday, 27 March 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,011

After losing an hour as the clocks went forward, we had a misty start to the day but by the time we'd already had one walk, then done some errands, the some was out when we stopped at Maude Heath. Wiggle and Sofy were sitting, concentrating and waiting for the ball: "Can you just throw the ball please" Yay!! BIG running! Sofy comes back with the ball: And keeps on running! Wiggle tried to look like he didn't care that Sofy had the ball: Sofy was all boingy and bouncy: And flingy! Once Sofy had finally let go of the ball, it was back to BIG running: Wiggle was quickest: While Sofy was slowing down and not really keeping up.... Sofy tried, but her little legs just could move her fast enough to keep up with Wiggle! Waiting, always ready for the ball: Having found a little more energy, Sofy managed a skippy approach to running: Paws off the ground! Once again, its Wiggle with the ball: Here's Wiggle! Sofy decided to just sit and watch: Wiggle stops for a rest; Sofy was still resting!


Fernando F. said...

That's new: the play by play.
Very funny.
I think Sofy got tired and she was content just to be there.

Lucy the Lab said...

So nice of Wiggle to let Sofy have the ball first... then take it back & wear her out! BOL
You both look so happy :)

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx