Friday, 18 March 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,002

Wiggle and Sofy have been doing BIG running! I'd been home today so after a rainy walk this morning, once the weather had brightened, we went to the Downs this afternoon.

As always, Wiggle was ready to run:

And started by running ahead for the ball:

Boingy running while Sofy brings the ball back:

Wiggle's turn:

Sofy was very excited to have the ball and flung it around:

BIG running!

Side by side, its Labbie Teamwork:

Lolling tongue, Sofy was starting to get tired. Wiggle wasn't!

But Wiggle did have a nice blob of slobber on his head:

Oblivious to the slobber, Wiggle was happy:

More running:

Slobbery blob, still in position. Wiggle didn't care though:

Slobber doesn't stop running:

Sitting and waiting, lined up nice and tidy:

Last running of the afternoon:


Fernando F. said...

Wiggle with all that boinging and flapping of the ears looks extremely happy.
Clever boy of course ahead of Sofy.
Their color looks gorgeous.
nice pics.

Lucy the Lab said...

I love the 3rd picture with the boingy running! That is so cute :)
Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab