Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wiggle - Day 990

We had sunshine!! Although despite the good weather, our walks have been on the footpaths, so no outdoor photo's today. After a morning walk to the shop to get the paper and then walking round to our friend Allan this afternoon, Wiggle and Sofy played indoors with their 'brain game'.

Treats were hidden and Wiggle was first to try:

Sofy then had a turn, trying to move the white bone to find the snacks:

Bone removed, snacks are eaten!

Team effort:

Wiggle seemed to get confused and took the bone off to chew!

Sofy cleans up:

After the earlier walk and mental workout, Wiggle took to the sofa:

While Sofy just flopped and slept!

Tomorrow I have the day off work so we are going out for the day - to the beach!


Fernando F. said...

mental exercise!
that game looks great.
who needs video games? you just watch these 2 solving a puzzle :)

Lucy the Lab said...

My clever boy! Of course you'd figure out the puzzle - and Sofy did, too :) I shall call you Wiggle Einstein xx

Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

eastwitching said...

Aw brillo - two dogs just working things out! Well done boys:)