Monday, 7 March 2011

Wiggle & Sofy's Day Trip to the Beach - Part 1

We've had a fab day at the beach! So good that I took so many photo's that the blog will be in two parts as out of the 200 or so photo's I took, there's 60 I wanted to post in the blog!

When we woke up this morning, Wiggle and Sofy thought it was just another day as we went to the field for a walk before their breakfast. But when they realised I wasn't going to work and they were going in the car, they were both very excited!

After an easy drive down to Bournemouth we arrived at Southbourne Beach to find it pretty much deserted! Once we were out of the car and on the sand, Wiggle and Sofy just wanted to run:

Empty beach-huts in the background:

No people that way either!

Wiggle is first in the water:


Running in the sand:

Wiggle wasn't quick enough as Sofy gets the ball!

Wiggle shows off the results of his sand diving:

Although Sofy's not doing too bad for sand either!

Sitting in the sunshine on an empty beach!

Back in the water and Sofy's quickest for the ball:

Sofy shows off her swimming skills:

Wiggle sprints to me with the ball....

...... and keeps going!

Sandy but happy!

Sandy & Soggy!

No time for sitting, there's a whole beach to run on!

Waves in the background

One happy boy, running with his ball:

Then its back in the sea, diving for the ball, watched by Sofy:

Wiggle's technique worked though!

Sofy sits, hoping for a treat, oblivious to Wiggle and the ball behind her:

Still running:

Soon it was lunchtime, so we drove into the centre of Bournemouth and found a cafe near the pier. Wiggle and Sofy helped me eat my sandwich, which was nice of them! Thankfully Sofy let me drink my coffee, sitting in the sun, as she preferred to watch people walk by.

Once lunch was over, we walked along the beach, with the pier in the background. I didn't bring a ball though, so Wiggle and Sofy had to amuse themselves:

Wiggle paddles and looks for pebbles while Sofy just looks confused!

"Should have brought a tennis ball....."

Not many people on this beach either!

Wiggle found a small stick, which made him happy:

After I threw the stick a few times, Wiggle then decided to chew it:

No stick = slightly bored looks all round!

...... to be continued tomorrow!


Fernando F. said...

I zoom in every picture.
Very nice set.
The place is beautiful and those 2 enjoy themselves a lot... until somebody forgot the ball ;)

Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

What a fab day you have all had AND good weather :0))
Looking forward to the next blog and more photos.