Monday, 31 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 956

Wiggle is not wasting away, despite what he might say after no breakfast this morning. He was busy outside having a wee first thing while Sofy had her breakfast, so when he came in, he just looked a little baffled that there was no food but Sofy wasn't dancing around!

We went to our vets appointment but had to wait a while. Wiggle made the most of the time by having lots of cuddles and meetimg the other dogs in the waiting room. After being checked over, the vet took Wiggle away to have his blood taken. We won't hear from the vets now, unless there are any problems with the test but the vet did say that Wiggle was looking very good.

After this morning's trauma, we went over to Lacock for a wander around the village:

Wiggle and Sofy look small inside the Tithe Barn!

Old buildings in the centre of the village:

Rest stop:

We walked on through the village, until we came to the ford:

Sofy was looking extra cute, peeking out from behind Wiggle:

Wiggle was first in the water:

Then Sofy was in, but she didn't stop long, maybe the water was too cold?!

Wiggle, enjoys getting his feed wet and taking in the view:

We had planned to stop for coffee but no where was open where I could take the dogs and all the outdoor cafe's were shut. So, I stopped at the bakery in the village and got a sossije roll for Wiggle and Sofy to share.

Sofy is quickest - in mere nano-seconds her snack is just crumbs!

Wiggle was making up for the lack of breakfast:

Always keen to be a help around the house, Wiggle and Sofy clean up all the crumbs:

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Fernando F. said...

That little town is beautiful.
So much history.

Sofy! you have to chew and enjoy those rolls! :) yeah, right.

who needs a vacuum when you have 2 Labs ;)