Saturday, 22 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 947

We all had nice little lie-in this morning, after getting up for breakfast, Wiggle, Sofy and I went back to bed for a while, all 3 of us on my bed. Sofy was being silly and rolling around while Wiggle managed to get himself under the duvet!

Once we were up, despite starting out cold and frosty, by the time we went out, the cloud had come down and it was drizzly.

We went up to the Downs for our 'big' walk and as the racehorses were on the gallops, walked along the top.

Dreary days don't stop Wiggle though!

Sitting, waiting for the ball:

Wiggle thought the ball had gone much further, but Sofy knew exactly where it was!

Once he had the ball again, Wiggle went off down the hill, doing his own thing:

Back on the uphill path, Wiggle takes the lead while Sofy snuffles around:

Wiggle with ball; Sofy just pondering.....

One the way back to the car:

Sofy likes to stay close to me, just in case she gets a treat - best "feed me" face:

Leads back on, heading for the car:

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

Wiggle, you were fool by the human thinking the ball was farther than it went... hilarious! good for Sofy.

I made a mental picture of Wiggle below the duvet.... aaaawwwww!!!!

very nice pictures.