Monday, 17 January 2011

Happy First Gotcha Day Sofy!

Today we are celebrating - Sofy's Gotcha Day, a whole year to the date since she came home to live with us.

When she first arrived, Sofy was on foster after being given up by her family. We weren't sure how she would be with other dogs as she'd not always had the best manners so I offered to foster Sofy and carry out a full assessment.

Back in January 2010, we still had the lovely Sir H and all 3 got on well from day one:

February, and Sofy was starting to settle and having fun with Wiggle and sharing his toys:

By March, it was time for Crufts as we'd been invited to represent rescue Labrador's at the Kennel Club's Charitable Trust stand. On her best behaviour, Sofy shared the pen with lots of different dogs, including the lovely Ellie, part of the Southern Golden Retriever Display Team:

April and it was a springtime walk at Cotswold Water Park, with our friend Barney and his mum:

The weather got warmer so by May, Sofy was enjoying splashing around in the paddling pool with Wiggle:

June and more play, with Armadillo. Sofy loves Armadillo as he has many squeaking parts!

July and a sunny walk at Caen Hill Locks:

August was when we had our little camping trip to Devon - fun on the beach!

September, summer coming to an end but not an end to the fun, this time down at the river:

October, turning autumnal, colours which suit Sofy!

November, the mild before the snow, up at Maude Heath:

Late December, after a wonderful Christmas with our friends in London, a snowy walk in Richmond Park:

And then to January, splashing around in muddy puddles:

This year has gone so quickly, yet it seems like Sofy has always been here. She has settled in and seems happy with Wiggle and I. There are still the odd moments when Sofy forgets her manners and shouts at other dogs, but for the most part, Sofy is perfect for us and while I know that her family was so sad to let Sofy go, I will be forever grateful that they asked LRSE&C to help and that Sofy ended up here.

Happy First Gotcha Day my Sofy Monster!


Fernando F. said...

Those pics are wonderful memories.
Is Sofy shouting other dogs or she is letting them know that he won the lottery when she went to live with you? Maybe is telling them how happy her life is.

Happy Gotcha Day Sofy!

labradorknitter said...

Happy gotcha day Sofie! You deserve this and much more!

Max the Quilt Cat said...

What a beautiful picture history of Sofy's first year. Happy Gotcha Day!!! Here's to many more.

pawhugs, Max

Ray and the Gang said...

Wow a year has flown by. Happy Gotcha Day Sofy. May you have many many more.

Lucy the Lab said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Sofy! A hug & a kiss from me & mom :)
Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the armadillo toy?