Sunday, 9 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 934


Blue sky!! It seems like so long since we saw a cloudless blue sky, but we were lucky enough to have one today.

We went up to Maude Heath for some play time:

And unlike last time we were there, we could take in the lovely view:

Wiggle and Sofy had fun, chasing the ball and chasing each other:

Concentrating on the ball:

Sofy chases Wiggle:

After a while, Sofy started to get tired and took a rest, leaving the fetching to Wiggle:

Wiggle and Sofy even had a fly past from the RAF!

Sitting, waiting......

Wiggle jumps for the ball and ends up jumping over Sofy!

Happy, boingy, ear flapping Wiggle!

More waiting, staring, ready to run!

Sunny, Sunday dogs....


Fernando F. said...

wonderful pictures.
I think is the first time I see Sofy ahead of Wiggle lol
Sofy is as happy with the ball than without it. They are such a nice team.

Lucy the Lab said...

I love your big smile & the flappy, happy ears! Not to mention the BEST "Throw the Ball" stare...

Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx