Saturday, 8 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 933

Our day started off slowly, with us all sleeping in late - in my bed!

Once we were up and about, we headed up to the Downs so that Wiggle and Sofy could have a good run around - and they didn't hang around!

Wiggle wanted to play ball:

Sofy managed to look mildly enthusiastic....

As the racehorses were out, we stayed away from the gallops and walked along the ridge of the hill, so plenty of space for running around:

Waiting to fetch:

Wiggle decided to run on ahead:

While Sofy stayed by my side:

Wiggle wanted to go off and do his own thing:

Once we were all back on the same path, Wiggle was leading the way:

Sofy, best "feed me a treat" face:

Wiggle, way ahead again:

Changing his mind, Wiggle came back, still carrying his tennis ball:

My handsome, happy, ball fetching boy:

Sofy was delighted to find a muddy puddle to splash in:

Splashy face!

After all that fun, Wiggle and Sofy have slept since we got home. Apart from having a little snack of cheese!

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

That looks like a wonderful running day. Wiggle is a natural explorer walking ahead of the group.
That Sofy has a very sweet expression. Such a nice lady.
I can imagine how tire they are.
It will be nice to be feed treats in bed... just a suggestion :)