Sunday, 14 November 2010

Wiggle - Day 878

More drizzly rain and dullness here today so it was a welly walk earlier across to the fields.

Wiggle was first, under the style:

The dreary day didn't stop the running and sniffing:

Muddy field, just wating for Labrador feet!

Sofy was first to get muddy:

And then got the smell of something which sent her running around like a loon!

Back with us, Sofy followed Wiggle:

Until something in the hedge caught her attention. Wiggle was oblivious, on the trail of some deer poo, but you'll be glad to know I didn't photograph that!

Muddy boy:

Heading for home where a rub down and clean up was needed!


Anonymous said...

The mud is everywhere isn't it... our fields are the same and I end up with great big brown feet. Every day I have to stand in my trug and get the cold hose pipe - brrr, I'll be glad when it's really cold out and I'm allowed in dad's shower instead!

Fernando F. said...

muddy Lab = happy Lab
they couldn't care more about the weather conditions. they just want to do some teamwork and get to those funny smells.

Lucy the Lab said...

Loved the pics of Wiggle going under the stile & Sofy running around crazy... and of course, the handsome pic of my muddy boy xx
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab