Sunday, 7 November 2010

Wiggle - Day 871

Wee Strike is over! This morning, the battle of wills came to an end - I was victorious! Wiggle gave in to his need to wee and has pee'd on the patio!

Anyway. Not so sunny today, but dry and quite bright. We went across town to the river for a walk, keen to go somewhere different from the fields across from where we live.

Sofy went straight into the undergrowth, after something, but came out empty mouthed:

Wiggle ran off with his tennis ball:

Crossing the little bridge:

Muddy puddles:

Sofy, looking like she's up to no good:

Wiggle goes off ahead, doing his own thing:

Here he comes!

Wiggle was pootling about, in his own little world. Still carrying his tennis ball!

Splashing in the river:

Once we were home, the full extent of the smell coming from Wiggle and Sofy was apparent, which meant one thing: bath!! Sofy looked sulky, drying off wearing a fleece:

Wiggle went to bed to do his sulking:


Fernando F. said...

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful walk. Suck a gorgeous place.
Those two are a real team.
Sofy had something in mind on the "she's up to no good" picture.
No wonder why they got that bath. That walk was muddy.

Lucy the Lab said...

Loved Sofy's guilty face, BOL... and Wiggle, looking so carefree & happy... until bath time!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab xoxo