Monday, 8 November 2010

Wiggle - Day 872

A pretty average day really for Wiggle and Sofy. We got blown along during our morning walk and soaking wet as the rain was horizontal!

This evening we stayed dry, although cold but once we were home again, Sofy decided to 'attack' me - climbing all over me, trying to lick me, shoving her nose right into my face and wriggling and being silly:

I asked Wiggle to help me, but he just sat there, staying out of Sofy's way......

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Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

I love it when they climb all over you and want to get really close... Holly hardly ever does this now, probably out of dignity and pride rather than anything else... although she did go bonkers today on her walk, so perhaps it's not just an old age thing! I guess they're just totally unpredictable and that's why we love 'em!