Saturday, 13 November 2010

Wiggle - Day 877

Today has been a Good Food Day for Wiggle and Sofy. Breakfast was the usual kibble but as a special treat, I made them each a little lunchtime sandwich.

Needless to say, they showed just how good they are at sitting when they realised that the sandwiches were for them!

After they'd eaten and had a little nap, I got into Wiggle's bed with him for a cuddle

Being in a silly, wiggly mood, we ended up having a litle wrestle which Sofy joined in. Sofy starts off quite normally but then gets more and more silly, especially if I blow raspberries at her!

After lots of sillyness, a slightly worn out Sofy can't help but flop.....


Fernando F. said...

that's nice of you to go to their level to cuddle Wiggle.
My cat, a Maine Coon, loved to eat his kibble from my lips, one by one. Not sure what it was but he could have his head on top of the small bowl and not touch anything... until I placed a small piece on my lips, and he just did it over and over again.
Sofy looks silly and tired.

Lucy the Lab said...

Such cute pictures - I want mom to blow raspberries on my tummy!
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xox
"A Proud Member of the National Society of Hypoglycemic Labs"