Friday, 5 November 2010

Wiggle - Day 869

I've had a day off today to get a few things done so Wiggle and Sofy have had to take an interest in what I've been doing.

First off there was the excitement of my parents arriving, so Wiggle in particular was wanting lots of fuss. Sofy, meanwhile, was being a show off and playing to her new audience.

I had hoped that we'd go for a nice walk somewhere but the rain that started as drizzle got worse, so we stuck to local walks. Still lots of bright autumn colours though:

And soggy walks mean rub-downs after:

Wee-Strike continues, despite the pleading little faces from the patio......


Lucy the Lab said...

I don't know... Those pleading faces are very convincing - Mom would have a hard time telling them no!

Fernando F. said...

can't understand how the fence remains in place with those faces looking at you. I will have cave in in 2 minutes.

they look adorable with their towels.

enjoy your parents :)