Sunday, 17 October 2010

Wiggle - Day 850

We haven't really been anywhere special this weekend, even though we've had nice dry, autumnal weather. Although living just across the road from some lovely fields, it didn't really matter that Wiggle and Sofy didn't go out in the car.

Yesterday afternoon we took a different path, along a field that was just right for playing:

Last night it was frosty, but after the clear sky at night, we woke up to a nice, crispt bright morning. Wiggle and Sofy didn't mind that we went to the fields again, as the cold night brought with it fresh, new smells to sniff out:

Sunny skies:

After lots of running around, Wiggle was happy to rest and lie in the sunpuddle:

This evening I was trying to take care of a few emails, but Wiggle wanted cuddles:

And now, after all that running, sniffing, sunbathing and cuddling, Wiggle is snoring softly in his bed......

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

those two are so nice doggies.
I'm sure they don't mind going to the same field many days in a row.
They want to be close to mom, to each other and to their ball :)
Isn't Wiggle a sweetheart wanting some cuddles? such a nice boy.