Monday, 11 October 2010

Wiggle - Day 844

This evening we walked just before it got dark and went across to the field. Wiggle and Sofy demonstrate the duskness:

There was only us in the field and walking along, I heard a whooshing noise and suddenly saw an owl flying over! I only had my Blackberry on me so no decent camera but we watched the owl flying low, hunting as the light faded.

Wiggle took no notice and carried on running around while Sofy took far more interest and wanted to chase, so she went back on lead.

Tomorrow we're going to take the camera and see if we can see the owl again.....

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Fernando F. said...

you might want to just enjoy watching the owl flying around you because with the low light the camera might not be able to take a good picture and we might not be able to see if its Wiggle or the owl
but try in any case... you never know