Friday, 1 October 2010

Wiggle - Day 834

Today we spent all our walk time getting wet. This morning it was heavy rain but at least not so heavy this evening. We didn't see anyone else in the field!

Yesterday at least it dry but a misty start to the day:

After lots of snuffling in the dewy damp grass, Wiggle ended up with a damp face:

This evening Wiggle and Sofy have been taking it in turns on the sofa. We've had a quieter evening as last night we all ended up wrestling on the living room floor!

It starts off quite calmly with me laying next to Wiggle, making a fuss of him but then he just gets more cuddly than usual, wriggling around and getting into the best position to have his tummy rubbed.

Sofy has a different idea and her approach is more full on! Sofy jumps on me, will stand on me, sit on me, head butt me and try and lick me as much as possible. Wiggle and I try and get away from Sofy's mad antics but she has other idea's - she grabs one of Wiggle's legs!

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

I guess the next step in your posting adventure is to install a webcam so we can see those fights live :)
Sofy does head butts? better than "butt on your head".
Wendy, somebody tweet yesterday that you were pin down yesterday (Sofy stepping in your hair). Very funny.

Nose with dew... forehead with dew.
I love the mist in those fields.
I don't see it too often here in Montreal. When we have snow, and the temperature increases fast for a few hours, my little park gets very cloudy. I love that.