Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wiggle's Cotswold Camping Weekend

Now I'm feeling better, it's time for an update after our weekend away.

Wiggle and I had been to Cotswold View campsite before but camping was all new to Mindy, her son Kenny and his kids Ellie and Dan. After arriving in the afternoon, we got our tents up, the gazebo up and the dinner cooking on the barbecue.

Wiggle was being his usual, sociable self and enjoyed lots of cuddles and thankfully, Kenny was happy to oblige!

Being Labrador's, Beenz, toby and Wiggle were very interested in what we were eating!

As Wiggle had lived with kids in his previous life, he was happy and relaxed around the little ones:

Mindy's boys, Toby and Beenz, tested their sleeping accommodation!

The next day, after the rain stopped we got to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Before going away, I'd done my research to find places we could go and where the dogs could come along too so it was good to all be out and about. Wiggle didn't really take much notice of the camel's though:

Wiggle, never one to be shy of the camera, was more than happy to sit and pose!

There's a little train that goes around the park, so we all went on that and Wiggle quite enjoyed watching everything as we trundled along:

After a stop for lunch we headed over to Bourton on the Water for a wander around. Wiggle was very happy to get his feet wet...

And was soon joined in the water by Dan!

Back at the campsite, Wiggle watched while Kenny and the kids setup a game of mini cricket:

Relaxed Wiggle:

Not wanting to miss out on the ball games, Wiggle spent some quality time munching on a tennis ball:

Evening, and Wiggle had 2 tennis balls to choose from:

Wiggle does like his home comforts so decided a human seating option would be preferrable to the ground.....

After a lazy Saturday morning, breakfast by the tent and eggs cooked for the dogs, we visited Birdland at Bourton on the Water. Again, another dog friendly place to visit.

The Penguin's found Wiggle rather interesting. I think the feeling was mutual, although it could have been that Wiggle would have enjoyed a swim!

A strange looking bird, watches Wiggle:

More birds. Well, we were at Birdland!!

Back at the campsite, all the dogs had lovely walks and shared our fish & chip supper before an early night and packing up to come home the next day.

Sir H stayed with my parents, (Thank you mum and dad!!) as he wouldn't have managed to do the amount of walking we did. Apparently he had a relaxing time, behaved himself and managed not to glare too much!

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