Saturday, 29 August 2009

Wiggle - Day 436

This afternoon Wiggle decided he would help while I was cutting the grass. Of course Wiggle's idea of helping was to bring a tennis ball and try and get me to play!

Even the pleading eye's didn't work. Well, not until I'd finished cutting the grass and there wasn't a chance of Wiggle getting in the way.

As Wiggle was clearly in need of a good run, I took the boys down to the river for a walk. Both of them were keen to check out the new smells and even Sir H had a boing about, hopping ahead of me with Wiggle:

Before long, Sir H was back to his usual pootling self....

Wiggle was keen to get in water, any water! Sir H watched, deciding this little bit of water didn't have the wallowing space he needed.

Wiggle was just happy to splash around, in and out!

Before long, Wiggle had a rather unattractive blob of slobber on his face:

Sir H meanwhile was far too busy as he'd found a particularly interesting blade of grass which needed a good 5 minutes of sniffing!

We walked on for a bit and when Wiggle spotted the river, he was straight in, waiting for me to throw the ball:

So I did!

Sir H got in and had a good wallow....

But Wiggle had no time for wallowing and was busy splashing around, in and out the water, chasing after his ball.

Since coming home, neither Wiggle nor Sir H have moved much......

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