Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wiggle - Day 434

This morning we came downstairs to find we'd had a visitor. The evidence was there to be seen, on the back door mat:

And this was our little visitor:

Wiggle was not impressed to find a snail in his bed!

After the snail had been removed and Wiggle had been able to sleep alone again, this evening we went up to the Downs, as the light was fading. Wiggle ran on ahead, ready for me to throw the ball

Sir H was pottering slowly. I think the setting sun was moving faster than he was!

Wiggle was suffering from Flappy Ears - it was a tad windy up there.

But Wiggle being Wiggle, the wind wasn't going to stop him looning around after his ball:

Sir H enjoyed some quality rolling time:

While Wiggle stopped to get his breath back. Note the ears still flapping!

Sir H, probably hiding and trying to make out he wasn't with us......

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