Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wiggle - Day 413

As today started off nice and sunny, I got the boys bedding washed and hung out on the line. Sir H was not impressed with having to lay on the inner cover of his bed, but put up with it....

Wiggle decided to do some rolling around, to pass the time until he could get back into bed. Blurry, black rolling thing:

After all that activity, Wiggle decided next on his list was some ball shredding:

Thinking that we'd have a nice walk, we headed up to the Downs but when we arrived, it started to rain. The racehorses were out on the gallops:

So we went up along the path through the tree's, with Sir H bringing up the rear:

Wiggle was up and down, running around with his ball. One that hadn't been chewed yet!

Even though it was raining heavily, Wiggle still wanted to play fetch:

Sir H was less enthusiastic about running around:

Wiggle, waiting for the ball to be thrown:

Sir H opted for a rest, even though by now it was raining heavily:

Wiggle wasn't at all bothered and carried on running around like a loon:

While we were out getting wet, the bedding on the line was also getting wetter! So much for the day which started out sunny....

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Anonymous said...

That is a cute picture of Sir H peeking through the tall grass
Lucy & her mom, Jana