Saturday, 15 August 2009

Wiggle - Day 422

Wiggle isn't often naughty, but last night, he decided he had his mischieveous head on. It all started when he found a sock. Usually Wiggle takes no notice of socks but for some reason, he thought the sock would make an excellent toy.

He tugged on it....

He chewed on it....

And my attempts to get the sock back turned into a Tug of War game!

After I'd accepted that Wiggle wasn't going to give up his new toy easily, I left him chewing ....

Thankfully though, a gravy bone treat was far more appetising than my sock and he gave that up in return for the biscuit!

I got my revenge today for his naughty sock stealing and gave Wiggle a bath! He still has them every few weeks and as we're off to the Blue Cross Fun Day tomorrow at Burford, I thought he should look his best while he's helping out on the LRSE&C stall, meeting and greeting.

Wiggle doesn't really mind his baths and afterwards, we went over to the green for a good game of fetch. With the ball on a rope. Socks are forbidden!

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