Sunday, 31 August 2008

Wiggle - Day 74

Wiggle is hardly coughing any more which is good news, however he somehow managed to nearly pull off one of his dew claw nails! While I'm at work a neighbour comes in and takes them out and Wiggle was bouncing around with Dolly but then suddenly yelped and wouldn't put any weight on his front leg.

I've had a thorough look and clipped off the sticky out bit of nail. With Wiggle being on the anti-biotics already, I don't think a trip to the vets is necessary, especially as Wiggle is walking and running ok. Doesn't stop him from remembering he has a poorly paw and looking woeful from time to time.

We made the most of the sunshine yesterday and went to Cotswold Water Park for a walk. And in Wiggle's case, a swim too. Here are the photo's from our walk:

Sir H had a paddle in the shallow water

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Glad to read Wiggle is on the mend Wendy.
He looks so fit and like a "normal" lab now.
As for Sir H I think he is great...a real distinguished elderly gent.
Hugs to them all including Dolly.