Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Wiggle - Day 69

Wiggle has been to the vets today for a checkup. He's not gained any weight but thats ok as he has been getting lots of exercise so I'd rather the gain was slow so his joints can keep up.

Bridget was pleased with the rate at which Wiggle is growing back his fur and his overall condition.

The only blip for Wiggle at the moment is that he has kennel cough. He has been given anti-biotics as his immune system will be lowered due to the Atopica, so hopefully the anti-biotics will help him get over it. He's not coughing too badly and has still been running around.

Wiggle had a good weekend, visiting friends and going for lovely walks. Here's Wiggle with Dolly and Sir H at Woollaton Park in Nottingham:

Unfortunately for Wiggle the lake was a rather green and smelly so he didn't have a swim but he did have fun going up to people to say hello and try and steal their picnics.

The other great news from the weekend is that the auction has raised £650 for LRSE&C. A fantastic amount so huge thanks to everyone who took part and very generously donated items.

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Melita. (Woof Beginnings) said...

Pleased Wiggle is doing well.
Sorry to hear he has kennel cough,I hope the ABs do the trick.
Sending get well soon wishes and an extra Big Hug to the lovely Wiggle.

Great news about the auction raising £650, that is a tremendous amount.