Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Wiggle - Day 55

Wiggle and Dolly have had a fun filled afternoon meeting Bran, the little 14 week old Chocolate Labrador puppy who lives with Flora and her humans.

The dogs all had a good run around in the garden, chasing toys, chasing each other and trying to avoid crashing! Both Wiggle and Dolly thought that Bran was a good playmate, especially as he has perfected the art of flying by launching himself off the patio.

Just because it rained, the play didn't stop and carried on indoors until everyone was rather worn out. Dolly and Bran enjoyed a cuddle on the sofa while Wiggle played with toys.

Sir H stayed home making sure the sofa was safe from burglars which no doubt made him happier than coming with us and having to be social.

I'm now listening to the sound of 3 snoring but happy dogs...

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