Friday, 29 August 2008

Wiggle - Day 72

I'm very pleased to report that the anti-biotics seem to be doing their job and Wiggle is coughing less. Thankfully, neither Sir H or Dolly have caught kennel cough although with Dolly being on strong anti-biotics herself, it seems she's resistant, so thats good. Wiggle's also not scratching, despite having his Atopica reduced while he is on the anti-biotics. Once he's finished his course of anti-biotics, if he is still not showing signs of being itchy, I can carry on giving him the Atopica every other day as long term the drug should be reduced and eventually stopped.

This week I have been working nights but Wiggle doesn't seem to mind so long as he gets his share of cuddles and play time with a tennis ball. He's just his usual happy self.

Wiggle's Blog has now had over 5,500 page views, which is mad really considering its just my waffling about the baldy, skinny dog. From the site stats, I know a lot of readers come here via the LRSE&C website so hopefully Wiggle will get to meet some of his supporters in person at the Labrador Party next month.

1 comment:

Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

Glad to read your little man is responding to the ABs and coughing less.
Big hugs from me.