Friday, 15 August 2008

Wiggle - Day 57

Wiggle has had another busy day of eating, sleeping and running around after his tennis ball. His current favourite is the ball on a rope as not only does it travel the furthest, but he can then boing around swinging the rope as he brings it back. Sometimes he holds the wrong end though and bashes himself around his head with the ball....

I should have noticed the theme to his preferred toys as indoors he likes to play with his Kong Wubba and fling that around. And hit himself around the head.

I have been organising a mini auction fundraiser on The Refuge forum (link on the right of your screen) to try and raise some funds for Wiggle and the other dogs needing extra special care from LRSE&C. Some very lovely people have donated items so we're hoping to raise a good amount.

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