Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Wiggle - Day 48

Dolly and I were out most of the day so Wiggle had a good run around this morning before we left. As usual, he was a good boy but was pleased to see us when we got home. Dolly has been whining quite a lot, an after effect of the anaesthetic and this is confusing Wiggle so he keeps going up to her to check she's ok. He really has bonded with Dolly which is lovely for both of them. Sir H, as you know, isn't very sociable but wherever Dolly is, Wiggle will be close by.

Wiggle had a game of fetch this evening and for the first time, he actually looks like a normal Labrador. Obviously he still needs to put more weight on, but seeing him running around, although his ribs are visible, they are nowhere near as pronounced as when he arrived. He's no longer the skinny, emaciated dog who arrived here less than 2 months ago. The medication is definitely helping as he doesn't scratch much at all now so thats great news and no doubt he is much more comfortable.

Wiggle's blog has now gone over 4,000 page views which is fantastic. It's lovely to know so many of you are keeping track of how he is getting on. If you've not had a look at the Sponsor a Dog page on the LRSE&C website, please do take a look as Wiggle is just one of many dogs needing special care.

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