Sunday, 29 June 2008

Wiggle's Weekend Camping

We are back from a great weekend spent camping with the Oldies Club. The OC rehome and publicise homeless older dogs all over the country and every year they get together for a camping weekend. This was my first time camping and certainly Dolly's although I'm not sure whether Wiggle and Henry had camped before, but they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

I lost count of how many other dogs were there but they all got on brilliantly and had lots of fun. Wiggle is worn out now after all the excitement so here's a few photo's from our weekend.

Our abode:

Henry didn't seem particularly excited about camping and preferred to snooze in the car...

Dolly had been a little poorly the night before we left for camping but after a trip to the vets and some medicine Friday morning, she was feeling much better.

In the evening we had a barbecue so Wiggle tried his best to look starved (mind you, he does that quite well, being so skinny!) but no one gave in to his stares!

The next day, all the dogs had plenty of time to play and Wiggle was rather taken with Saffy, but she was playing hard to get...

So being a fickle chap, he tried to woo Cherry, but she wasn't giving in to his charms either! Meanwhile, Henry dozed in the sun.

Then Wiggle was worn out so he had a sleep too. This camping can be very tiring for a baldy, skinny boy.

After a rest, it was time for some playing in the woods...

And then to try and find someone else to give him cuddles.

At the end of the night, we all retired to our tent where it was very snug.

Wiggle The Happy Camper

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Minnie-Moo said...

Fab photos, Wiggle is looking so "alive" now, just like a lab should. Excellent job Wendy :)

Love, Ange & Minnie-Moo xxx