Thursday, 26 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 7

A whole week of Wiggle!!!

I had to get my haircut this afternoon so as the pet shop is next to the hairdressers, Wiggle came too. The very lovely Aunty Barbara who owns the pet shop has met all my dogs and foster-dogs over the years so today was Wiggle's turn to say hello. Although Wiggle helped himself to a pigs ear, Aunty Barbara thought Wiggle was lovely and she got kisses and paw shakes from the boy himself. A few customers came in while we were there so they all got a hello from Wiggle. I think Animal Fayre in Cricklade could very well become Wiggle's favourite store.

I've been collecting a few bits and pieces to have a small online auction on The Refuge to raise some funds towards Wiggle's vet bill and Aunty Barbara very kindly donated a new collar to Wiggle. As his neck is so bald and sore I wanted something smoother for him so he now has a nice, smart green and black rolled webbing collar. The green and black suits him and he looked very posh while he was posing in the shop! Wiggle helped me choose a few toys and treats for the auction but hasn't realised yet that they weren't actually for him.

We called in on my parents who both came out to say hello. My dad and Wiggle got on very well and Wiggle was all soppy and waggy despite my dad telling him he was ugly. He was joking (I hope!!).

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