Monday, 23 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 4

Once again, Wiggle had a good night, despite not being fed until 7.30pm as I'd been out. Contradicts what his previous owners said!

Wiggle spent some time on one of the dog beds last night, which sounds like nothing but for him is an achievement, especially as he got on the bed without me telling him to. Must have been so much more comfortable for him than the hard floor.

As usual, Wiggle was very happy to see me this morning and wagged and wiggled as soon as I got
up. I've booked him in to see the dermatologist, Bridget Gregory, at Hale Vets but the appointment isn't until the 3rd July so for the time being, he'll carry on with his Malaseb baths every other day. Today is bath day for Wiggle but before that we're off out for walkies and a game of fetch.

"Throw the ball!"

"Ooops, missed the ball"

"Happy Wiggle"

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