Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 6

I was thinking earlier that its only been a week since Mindy, LRSE&C co-ordinator, went to visit Wiggle in his previous home and yet even though he's not been here a week yet, so much has changed for Wiggle. He's happily living with Dolly and Sir H, getting good quality food, bathed every other day and more love than he's had in a long time. Wiggle certainly seems to be happy - wiggling and wagging, playing ball and sleeping in squishy dog beds.

As I wasn't sure whether Wiggle would eat the Burns food I only bought a small bag last week but he's doing well on his 3 meals a days so I went to buy more earlier. The lovely lady in the pet shop asked how Wiggle was doing - seems he made quite an impression when he met her last week.

Wiggle has had another bath and as I try not to rub him too much to dry him (don't want to hurt his already sore skin), I've been taking him out straight after so he can have a run around and dry off.

In the photo's, Wiggle looks all shiny and healthy but you can still see how skinny and bald he is. It's so noticeable when I'm bathing him as under his belly and chest there is hardly any fur at all.

Wiggle's most favourite game - fetch!

Waiting for me to throw the ball

Got it!

Racing Dolly

Shiny coat

But still skinny and wrinkly!


Despite Dolly already having one ball, she still wanted to play

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