Monday, 30 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 11

Wiggle has had another fun filled day. Dolly was in at the vets for x-rays today so Wiggle, Henry and myself met up with my friend Cheryl and two of her dogs, Ella and HenryNo (HenryNo is a cute but naughty little Jack Russell puppy).

We went to Coate Water in Swindon and the walk started off nicely, lots of running around, but then Wiggle found a watery ditch. Except it was more mud than water.

Henry decided he should get muddy too so he also went in the ditch!

After some more running around, we came to the lake and Wiggle was first to the water.

Henry decided a paddle would be good for washing the mud off his legs

Meanwhile, Wiggle went to say hello to some people with boats.

Then it was time for more splashing about....

And then back in the water to do some more of his funny style of swimming

Wiggle was naughty and found some goose poo to roll in. He stank! Sadly Wiggle couldn't understand why I didn't want a cuddle and even his sad face didn't work its magic on me!

While Cheryl and I stopped for a coffee, the dogs played ball, mostly with Ella shouting at Wiggle and HenryNo chasing Wiggle rather than the ball

HenryNo liked Wiggle, especially after he'd doused himself in Eau de Goose Poo!

After all that running around, it was time for a rest before we headed for home. Since being back, Wiggle has had a bath and smells much better! I'm not sure he's convinced though....

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