Saturday, 21 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 2

Wiggle had a very good first night here. Despite the previous owners saying he wasn't clean overnight, he was. I had been working a night shift and came home to find no mess, nothing touched that shouldn't have been and Wiggle curled up asleep.

As part of his treatment Wiggle has been given Malaseb shampoo which will help his sore skin. He was very good and stood patiently in the bath while I showered him. He even has a hint of a shine to what fur he has, bless him.

Wiggle is one of those dogs that amazes me. The level of neglect he has suffered is shocking, shut outside because he was considered "un-hygeinic", not fed properly and denied medical care yet he is so sweet natured. He loves everyone he meets and greets them with kisses, he loves to play ball and his tail never stops wagging.

Dogs just love and trust unconditionally....

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Minnie-Moo said...

Hello Wiggle :)

You look very sad in that photo but I know with Wendy's tlc you will soon be looking and feeling so much happier!


Minnie-Moo, another LRSEC Lab