Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,864

Today we met up with our friend Dougal the Lab and his mum Louise for a walk at Wimbledon Common.  After the recent nice weather, today was cooler & wet, but no one seemed to mind:
Wiggle opted out of the group photo, wanting me to throw his ball instead:

Wiggle, Sofy & Dougal all sitting nicely:

Toby was busy running:

Dougal  and Wiggle:

Wiggle with his ball (just for a change!):

Soon we had made our way to the pond - so they all went in:

Sofy: "Ha ha, I got your ball!":

Toby stays in the shallow water while Dougal went in deeper:

Waiting to get the ball:

Sofy was ahead...

But it was Dougal who did the diving:

Soon Wiggle had his ball again:

After we walked on from the pond, all 4 wanted to get wet again:

After our fabbie walk, we stopped at the Windmill Café for coffee but no one wanted to look at me fo their photo:

Sofy climbed up on the table, but settle for a seat to finish my coffee.  She just wanted to be one of the girls!

Back home and starting to dry off, Toby was looking a little mucky:

Louise, with help from Dougal, runs The Black Dog Bakery and gave Wiggle, Sofy & Toby these lovely treats!  Thank you :)

Despite the weather, we had a lovely walk and Wiggle, Sofy and Toby are all worn out now...


Coco's Mommy said...

Wiggle, you are just too cute!

FerFer1958 said...

people should learn how to get along with each other from Labs. there will be no more wars.

Milo and Jet said...

HI Wiggle
That looks like a fantastic walk with your labrador friends. How lucky that you all got to go swimming and how pawesome that you scored some delicious treats at the end off your day out with friends
From Milo & Jet