Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,841

Another hot and sunny day here so this morning, after going to get dog food, we stopped at Maude Heath for some playtime:

Running around in the sunshine:

Silly Sofy drops the ball:

Hot dogs!

Sunny Sofy:



Wiggle runs with the ball while Sofy is snacking:

Me: "Sofy, have you been eating cowpoopsnacks?"
Sofy: "Umm....."

Sofy: "Ok, I confess!"  Cowpoop-coloured tongue proves Sofy's snacking: 

Wiggle spent more time running than snacking:

Just us up on the Heath:

Flappy ears:

As it was getting warm, we didn't stay out too long, so Wiggle took his ball and headed for the car:

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