Monday, 8 July 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,842

Yesterday afternoon we decided that the best place to walk on a hot day would be by the river.

Wiggle lead the way along the old railway track:

Once he was in the field, he was running downhill, heading for the river:

And in he went!

Sofy was soon getting her paws wet too:

The river wasn't very deep as we've not had any rain recently:

Playing fetch and making a splash:


Waiting to paddle for the ball:

Sofy made the biggest splash:

Wiggle looking handsome, back in the sunshine:

Sofy, looking quite alert (for a change):

Wiggle was distracted while Sofy brought the ball back:

Waiting in the long grass:

Soggy Sofy, looking quite puppy-like:

Happy hounds:

Time to leave the field:

Not the most elegant way, but it works for Sofy:

The end of our walk....


Ray and the Gang said...

Sofy is ever so cute, and very graceful at clearing the fence.

Wiggle of course does the obligatory pose at Black Dog Halt ;)

FerFer1958 said...

such a nice set of pictures.
Sofy always looks very sweet.
Wiggle always the explorer, checking for dangers ahead to protect mom.