Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,848

 This morning we went in search of water - so headed for Morden Hall Park
Before long, all 3 were in the river:
Splashing around in the sunshine: 

Sofy follows Toby who follows Wiggle:

Boys together:

 Running to me, happy Toby:

We walked around the park and then found a narrower river, quieter, so perfect for some ball games:

Toby stands on the riverbank, watching: 

Wiggle gets out on the other side:

Sofy comes bounding out of the water, just before she shook herself next to me!

Nice and wet!
Watching me:

Sofy got the ball:

Toby watches as Wiggle and Sofy search for the ball:

Enjoying the cool water on a hot day:
Toby enjoyed a rest in the shade:

Soggy in the sunshine:

This afternoon I decided we should all have a treat so I went out and got us frozen yoghurt.  Chocolate for me, coconut iced yoghurt with strawberries for Wiggle, Sofy and Toby:

Sofy decided it was very good:

Wiggle particularly liked the strawberry pieces:

Toby enjoyed the iced treat too:

This evening we'll be going home but we are back again in 2 weeks to house-sit while Toby's humans are on their holidays.  We can't wait!


FerFer1958 said...

Always nice to see these 3 friends having so much fun.
Those soggy pictures are so nice to see.
That ice cream looks very tasty. No wonder they like it so much.

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