Friday, 19 July 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,853

We were up and out early this morning so that Wiggle and Sofy could run in the field while it was still cool.

The grass is taller than Sofy:

Wiggle runs through the dewy grass as its the best way to keep cool:

Running through the grass means Wiggle gets covered in seeds:

Keeping cool in the tall, dewy grass:

Dewy damp, covered in grass seeds but happy to be able to run before its too hot:


FerFer1958 said...

they seem to be having a lot of fun in that tall grass.
Sofy seems to be smiling in last pic.

Unknown said...

I wish I had some nice, tall, cooling grass to run through - maybe I can get mom to stop having our lawn mowed!

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Milo and Jet said...

Hi Wiggle & Sofy
Looks like you had a great time running in all that long grass
From Milo & Jet

Md. Jakaria said...

Dog Breed Selector
Shift up ice in bandanas and tie them around their throat. Since my group has to be crated while we're away, we also use redneck AC for them...a plate of ice at the top part side of the fan damaging towards their crates.