Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,770

Yesterday evening Wiggle enjoyed his session with the lovely physiotherapy lady and I've now got some massage techniques to do on Wiggle and help his muscles. He was very good and only stole and shredded one toy!  I'll be doing some gentle massages on Wiggle each day and he'll see Amy again after next weekend.

After his relaxing evening, Wiggle was up early this morning so we had our walk while it was still frosty but sunny:

We needed to get dog food and as Jollyes were having a special promotional day to celebrate their 20th birthday, Wiggle came too!  He was happy to browse the aisles:

Wiggle had a good sniff of the various treats on the shelves:

But his favourite aisle was where the snacks are all in big bins, open at the exact same height as his mouth!

Once we were done buying dog food, Wiggle collected his goodie bag!

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Rubyjen said...

Lucky Wiggle-need to find a Jollyes!