Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,746

Ever wondered what Wiggle and Sofy do while I'm at work?
The answer - sleep!
Over the last few days I've had the webcam on and been able to see how much Wiggle and Sofy sleep, taking it in turns on the sofa: 

After a couple of hours, Sofy was in the spot where Wiggle had been:

By the afternoon, they were both on the sofa:

Sofy pulls a face, not knowing that I can see her!

Wiggle likes to start off on the sofa in the morning:

Then he swaps with Sofy:

Later in the afternoon, Wiggle is back:

Getting nearer to hometime, Wiggle is the black shape by the front door while Sofy watches from the sofa:

They're awake!

Knowing that soon I'll be home, Sofy is by the door and Wiggle on the bed by the sofa:

 After a busy day sleeping, their dinner and a walk in the field this evening, Wiggle and Sofy are now resting again!


Fernando F. said...

so fascinating.
I thing dogs need something like that vacuum cleaner Rumba, but a toy version, a device that shoots tennis ball once in a while :)

Ray and the Gang said...

I love it.

Rubyjen said...

Lovely to see what they get up to in your absence. Obviously quite content with each others company.