Monday, 15 April 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,758

 This morning Wiggle went to the veterinary hospital to spend the day there and get his xrays done.  As usual, he was happy to go to the vets and Sofy stayed at home, not worried about being left on her own.

A couple of times I checked the webcam and did see her awake:

 But later, she was sleeping:

Malcolm the vet tweeted a photo of Wiggle, after his xrays and with one of the lovely nurses giving him some lunch.  Wiggle looked very happy with this! 

 Sofy was still sleeping soundly:

This evening, after being collected - Wiggle looking very smart in red:

The xrays showed that Wiggle's joints are actually ok and there isn't any signs of problems with arthritis, so the assumption now is that it's musclular.  Wiggle is to have 2 weeks of lead walks and no running, while still having his Metacam every day.  We'll go back and see Malcolm in a couple of weeks and see what's next for Wiggle.


Fernando F. said...

I guess Wiggle has to be told not to run too fast or too much when he goes to his daily walks. He can't stop himself.
I'm glad is nothing bad.
Sofy was waiting for about an hour for her mom. I don't think Wiggle was the reason today :)

Rubyjen said...

Thing is with our labs they don't understand that they're getting older and ought to slow down a bit. All that charging around and regretting it later!Xxx

Lucy the Lab said...

Funny Sofy looks a bit confused as to where Wiggle is.

We are so glad it's not arthritis. Maybe muscle cramping after a lot of running?

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Ray and the Gang said...

I wish Wiggle were here in Austin, we could have Skillful Paws come over and do massage therapy.

Mr. Shaq loved his sessions, kept him nice and mobile when he had sore muscles and joints.