Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,752

We introduce to you - Wiggle and Lucy Lambs!

These cute little sheeps live with our friend Sarah in Derbyshire and were born 11 days ago.  Theyre a rare breed and have little horns!  Sarah said the Wiggle lambie is 'gobby' and the Lucy lambie is 'bossy'!

Here's Wiggle's namesake:

Lucy and Wiggle lambies showing off their climbing skills:


Fernando F. said...

that is so adorable.
those little horns are making some statement.
those lambies are beautiful.

Lucy the Lab said...

I am so, so honored to have a "bossy" choccie lambie named after me! And my best friend is Wiggle lambie! And we have little horns! *whirling with excitment*

Wiggle's Best Girl
Lucy the Lab (and now lambie!) xx