Sunday, 7 April 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,750

We've had a brighter, slightly warmer weekend so this afternoon we enjoyed a walk along the old railway track.  Wiggle was waiting for me to give him his tennis ball:

And once he had his ball, he was off!

Sofy stayed on lead, so she couldn't go in search of dead, manky things:

Further along, Wiggle stopped to watch the sheeps:

Sheepy family:


While we stopped to watch the sheep and lambies, we noticed one little lambie was in a hurry:

This little lambie was on a mission!

Still running:

Getting closer...

To mum!

Wiggle with his ball, while Sofy was still watching the sheeps:

Sofy, looking strangely serious:

Wiggle took his ball as we'd reached the turn-around point, so he headed back the way we'd come:

Wiggle with his ball:

Wiggle leads the way:

Nearly back at the bridge:

Still in front...

Over the bridge and Wiggle's halt is in sight:

Wiggle let Sofy join him on 'his' halt:


Fernando F. said...

very nice pictures.
Wiggle must be going ahead to check for a secure passage :)

Lucy the Lab said...

So cute! We loves the little racing lambie hurrying for his snack! I wish I had cute little running lambies here.

Wiggle, you're so thoughtful to let Sofy share your Halt with you.

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Ray and the Gang said...

No visit to Black Dog Halt would be complete without a picture.