Sunday, 27 February 2011

Wiggle - Day 983

Another day of sunshine and shows here in our little corner of the world. Sofy and I woke up to sunshine (she and Wiggle had swapped places again in the night) and rather than miss out on the sun, we walked before breakfast.

This afternoon I needed to call into work for a short while so as there was a break in the rain, Wiggle and Sofy came too and we walked alongside the golf course.

On the extending lead, Wiggle walked ahead:

While Sofy was staying closer to me:

Sniffing out new smells in the sunshine:

Sitting in the sun, no doubt wishing they were on the other side of the fence, picking up golf balls!


Fernando F. said...

Looks like a beautiful day.
The colors in Wiggle and Sofy's coats are amazing. Just beautiful.

Lucy the Lab said...

I like how you extended the lead way out far, Wiggle, pulling the human along, BOL!

I should like just one good run around that golf course...

Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Fab Lab xx