Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wiggle - Day 958

Its Wiggle Wednesday so Wiggle has been woogling! After his dinner, Wiggle had a good roll around, rubbing his face on the rug:

And waggling his legs in the air:

Woogling finished, a little rest before our walk:

Wiggle and Sofy were especially happy as we walked to the shop (and back again!) and I treated them to a ham & cheese sandwich to share. They didn't care that it was in the reduced aisle and only 16p!!

Snacking over and they are now all relaxed and unlikely to do much for the rest of the evening...


Fernando F. said...

look at Wiggle waggling his legs.
who needs a TV...
Labs can save their energy for the right moment, as in going out.

Rubyjen said...

Nothing like a good roll Wiggle.