Saturday, 26 February 2011

Wiggle - Day 982

Last night Wiggle was on my bed when I went to sleep and this morning, Sofy had taken his space when I woke up!

After a little lie-in, we got up and went up to Maude Heath. It's been a day of sunshine and the odd shower, so the sky looked stormy when Wiggle and Sofy were ready to play ball:

The sky brightened and Wiggle was running around with the ball:

With Sofy hot on his heels!

Sitting on top of the hill, beside the lovely view:

Back to running:

"Please throw the ball!"

Sofy goes in to tackle Wiggle for the ball:

And gets it!

Sitting and waiting:

Playing together:

Distracted by interesting smells:

Sofy, still quite clean:

I said to Wiggle, "have you been snacking on cow poop?"
Wiggle didn't want to show me.....

But then he opened his mouth, and the proof was on his tongue!

More tackling by Sofy:

Sofy decided to try Wiggle's tactic of running ahead:

Which worked!

Wiggle chases Sofy and the ball:

Sofy was starting to get tired and slow down:

Back in the car, two panting Labs....


4LeggedAngels said...

How cute & those views! Gorgeous, the furangels and the views, so glad you had such a great time playing and enjoying the beauty.

Fernando F. said...

what a wonderful series of pictures.
I'm so proud of seeing Sofy using the 'get ahead of the ball' system. That tells me that there is a brain working under all that fur.
I assume they will sleep for 24 hours straight :)

Lucy the Lab said...

BOL at Wiggle, snacking on cow poo! Sofy's stolen your trick, Wiggle, by running ahead of the ball (but perhaps you let her...?)

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx