Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Wiggle

Wiggle is celebrating Valentine's Day and has had fun opening the card from his true love, Lucy the Lab.

It started off sniffing the card:

Then, overcome with the scent of his Lucy, Wiggle went bonkers!

And took the card to bed, so he could have a better sniff of Lucy's card:

I rescued the card, which by now had some teeth marks!

Wiggle's card, from his BESTEST girl, complete with some of Lucy's fur!

Sulking, because I took his card away.......

Wiggle sends big Labbie Lick's to his special Valentine Girl, LucytheLab XXX


hedgehog.haven said...

Oh Wiggle you do look soppy! Happy Valentines Day XXX

Fernando F. said...

Wiggle and Lucy are such a romantic couple.
I'm sure it was hilarious to see Wiggle go bonkers with the red card on his mouth.
Happy Valentines to Sofy from me :)

Lucy the Lab said...

My darling boy, these pictures make me so happy! Scampering about & snuffling my card... sigh. Mom rubbed it all over my head, especially around my stinky ears, so it should smell real good, BOL. I even licked it (well, sending you a kiss...)

Love, Your Best Girl Who Loves You BEST,
Lucy the Lab xx

eastwitching said...

That sulk is just fab - poor doggie :)