Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wiggle - Day 972

It's Wiggle Wednesday!!

Although not much wiggling right now as Wiggle is in his bed! We had a frosty but dry walk this morning which was nice after all the wet walks.

Before I went to work, Wiggle was out on the patio, sniffing the morning air. And trying to give his moset woeful look as the temporary fence is still up!

Sofy was snuggled up in bed, preparing for a busy morning of sleeping:

The sleepy, angelic look shouldn't be believed though as this evening Sofy found something, possibly edible, maybe not and before I could stop her, snatched it up...... and then wagged and chewed until whatever it was had gone. Thankfully she has a cast-iron stomach!

1 comment:

Lucy the Lab said...

Oh my Wiggle - how could anyone resist that look?

BOL at Sofy with her little "snack" & the wagging tail that went along with it... must have been very nommy.

Love, Wiggle's Girl Lucy the Lab xx