Sunday, 20 June 2010

Wiggle's 2nd Gotcha Day!

Today is the second anniversary of Wiggle's homecoming day - a day I'll never forget.

I will alwayds remember meeting Wiggle, with his sad eyes, sore baldy skin but just wanting to be cuddled and loved.....

And now, 2 years on, he's the happiest, waggiest, best boy in the whole world. To me he is, anyway.

After a little sleep in on my bed, we went to the pet shop where I treated Wiggle to a new toy to celebrate his special day. Then it was on to Maude Heath for a walk and play, stopping first for a photo:

Next on the agenda was play time:

Wiggle likes to run ahead, then come back again:

Sofy had been also been going off in her own direction, until I pretending to be going without her!

Sofy wasn't going to confess to having had a cow poo snack.....

My handsome boy:

More playing:

Caught in the act! Wiggle having a quick cow poo snack. Ewww!

After all that running, playing and snacking, it was back home for a rest while I got on with some chores.

Then it was play time again - with new addition: Albert the Armadillo!

Wiggle decided that he didn't want Albert the Armadillo and instead he wanted his new blue bone to chew on:

Sofy liked the look of Albert the Armadillo, maybe becuase he suits her colouring....

Sofy plays whapping games, trying to get Wiggle to play with her:

Wiggle is taking no notice though, chewing happily:

Eventually, Wiggle wanted his turn with Albert:

Sofy watches while Wiggle plays:

I doubt Wiggle know's what today is, but he's definitely enjoyed himself!


Fernando F. said...

"he's the happiest, waggiest, best boy in the whole world" to me too.
That face in the 'before' picture breaks my heart. But that makes Wiggle story more amazing. The transformation is hard to believe. But on the other side is not that hard to believe after reading about all your love for Wiggle and Sofy and all the other wonderful dogs that were part of your life. All that care and love and attention makes me come everyday here to read about them.

Behind a great dog there is always a great Human.

Fernando F. said...

Sofy looks very innocent. She couldn't eat anything 'ewwww!'.

That Armadillo has no chance with those two. I give it 48 hours.

I think Sofy was teaching Wiggle what to do with the new toy.

Lucy the Lab said...

Happy Gotcha Day, my love! We can never see that first picture of you looking so sad & lonely without tears... Thank you, thank you, thank you Wendy for saving him & giving him the most well-deserved, wonderful life. Mom & me so enjoy seeing you so happy & waggy - we just love you!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab XXXX

Anonymous said...

I know we are a little late, but Happy Gotcha Day Wiggles from everyone at Heart of Texas Labrador Rescue.